Day 48-54

Well… this week went by way too fast! I wish I had more time to tell you all the exciting things I am noticing about EHT!

Sleep Habits…

48 – 93% 11-7:30

49 – 93%  1-8:30

50 – 94% 10-6:15

51 – 70% 9-6:15 (daughter had nightmares and slept with me)

52 – 75 % 11-6 (daughter had nightmares and slept with me)

53 – 77% 9:45-6:15

54 – 93% 10:15 – 6;15

*Despite 3 nights of bad sleep, I was still awake when I woke up and didn’t require coffee. Admittedly I did have coffee on Wednesday, just because it smelt soo good.  Last night I went to the jacuzzi for a few hours… man that helped my sleep to.

I find that within 15-20 minutes of taking my EHT, my alertness is better, my energy stores restored and I can tackle the day. One thing I have noticed is my mood… I seem to be well… less moody. I am usually happy but things tend to irritate me (having OCD isn’t all fun and games). I’ve found that I am not as upset about dishes being found in the kids rooms, or laundry being on the floor. It used to bother me to no end. I wouldn’t necessarily say anything, but inside I was fuming! I have also found my “voice”. I am a peacemaker at heart. I usually avoid confrontation. I keep advice to myself but lately I have found that allowing others to hear some much needed words of advice or encouragement has really helped them in areas of their own lives.

I still can’t believe that I am waking less at night… and even when I do, I often don’t watch 1-2 hours of TV waiting to fall back to sleep. It’s so calming. I fall asleep faster and feel like I have slept harder than I have in decades. And today… marks…, 49 days without a major CRPS flare. Unfreekingbelievable! I am flabbergasted. After 2 years of daily flares and the past 14 months having a minimum of 3 major flares a week… well let’s just say I am astonished! Is this EHT? IS this a remission? Who knows… I may never know because as long as EHT is on the market and I can get it… I will! The cost is worth all the other things alone!

I started working out last week. Doing yoga. The “recovery time” isn’t what it used to be. I used to hurt for a week the first few times I got back to yoga. This time… it was only a day. Then I was able to do yoga again the next morning. None of the usual intense pain and stiffness from over using un-used muscles. I’ve heard EHT had “sports” benefits… and I can tell you first hand, my work out recovery is completely different.

Just try it for yourself. IF you’ve tried EHT, I would love to hear your experiences! Please email something for this blog to and I will be sure to include it in my next posting.

Until Next Time…


Day 45-47

hi! Tuesday ended up being a nice productive day. I couldn’t believe the level of energy I had despite working  an 11 hour day. I am super excited about that. It’s been a long time since I have had enough energy to get me through the work day and still go home and get some stuff done. After work, I went to dinner and still did a load of laundry, including folding and putting it away! That felt great!

Wednesday. Well had a HORRIBLE night’s sleep. Riddled with weird nightmares. I think something bad is coming down the pipeline, but I am not going to focus on it.  I went from 85-100% sleep on average since starting EHT down to 61% last night.  Oh well. It’s a work day and I must focus.  I am beginning to learn that oatmeal with nuts and some yummy raw sugar or Agave syrup really helps with the absorption. I haven’t had much coffee since May due to H Pylori.  I thought I would feel it, especially after a bad nights’ sleep. I had my oatmeal (protein added) with nuts & raw cane sugar, and took my EHT.  Within 30 minutes I felt fantastic.  I felt like I’d had a full nights sleep. Thank you EHT!!

Thursday. Slept better for sure last night! Back up to 94% (I use Sleep Cycle to monitor my sleep. I have for over a year.. great to have a baseline).  Woke up feeling a bit sleepy still. More oatmeal with nuts and sugar & my EHT. Life is good with EHT. I’ve noticed something else recently. Something WEIRD! Something I had hoped for, but hadn’t expected. Something I can’t even say is related to EHT… you know legalities and all… but I suffer from chronic pain due to CRPS. My pain levels are dropping. Maybe it’s the better sleep and overall better brain function, but I am feeling better!

Be good people. Share my blog. Get on EHT! You won’t regret it. Its available for purchase (sorry US only) on July 28th. Any questions, please call or text me 951-505-4055


Day 41-44

Hi there. I keep meaning to write every day but it seems “life” gets in the way all too often.

Friday – Simple day of work and home to relax.  Took my EHT in the morning and felt relaxed and refreshed all day. It feels so good to be getting my life back. And… ohmigosh… the chemo fog or CRPS fog or just simply brain fog is lifting daily. It amazes me how quickly information is being recalled. Work is starting to return to normal. My filing is being handled, my desk is back to being neat and orderly. I can THINK! It’s been 3 long years battling CRPS. 3 years of pain, low sleep levels, emotional energy drain and pain brain fog. Weird thing is despite my belly (h pylori) issues, I am even starting to feel better physically. I’ve noticed I am not as stiff waking up as I used to be, then again that could be because I am not waking up 4-6 times a night.

Saturday – I woke up early and had a ton of energy. Focused and driven to get my master bedroom & bath cleaned. I even had enough energy to wash the walls and clean the baseboards.  (You probably don’t know this, but I suffer – well suffer probably isn’t the right word… I enjoy having OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I haven’t been as focused lately. My house isn’t as clean as it usually is.  Sortof felt like a mini-depression because I couldn’t stay focused. I couldn’t find the energy. CRPS really changed me. It took so much from me emotionally, physically, financially and now I AM GETTING IT BACK! Went to see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at a real movie theatre. It was so nice to feel totally human again and not be exhausted after working all day and then a movie. Even had enough left in me to go to a late night dinner at a local Pub.  I honestly can’t convey my excitement for getting my life back. I was tired of not having enough energy for myself, my family, my house and most importantly to expand my business.

Sunday – Had a nice quiet day. Just worked on cleaning my kitchen and catching up on some “follow-ups” with my customers that I really need to do more often. Enjoyed conversations, laughter and even a few tears. Overall had a great night’s sleep. Even woke up at 6:45 am and wasn’t tired. I felt rested. I didn’t feel the need to go back to sleep. That in itself is simply enough for me to keep taking EHT.

Monday – The most productive day I’ve had at work since being diagnosed with CRPS. I havent been able to put in the OT that I need to. Feeling too tired and/or in way too much pain by the end of the day, or simply didn’t care emotionally enough to stay. But I was determined. I needed to archive some files. It’s a long process. I have to make sure all the files are put away, that none have gone rogue, and then move them into different drawers and take one year out to the warehouse for permanent storage. It usually takes me 6 hours. I had my son help me and we did it in just under 2 hours! I was focused, I didn’t need to “rest”. I didn’t feel like crying or going to bed. I just did it! That’s an accomplishment in itself!  Then we went to a Salvadorian Food (Pupusas are amazing!). Home and in bed by 9:30…. up early and feeling great on Tuesday. So far… I have faith it’s gonna be a good day.

Have a great Tuesday!


Day 39-40

I was too busy yesterday to update.
Tuesday night I had a great time hanging out with a very old friend until 11:30 PM. And Wednesday night… I went to see another friend because my daughter had a sleep over and I didn’t have to take care of her. 🙂  Sometimes adult time is necessary! I know that doesn’t sound bad until you know my alarm goes of at 5:45 AM. This should have caused me major sleep deprivation and exhaustion the next day. 2 nights with little sleep… Believe me I FELT it when I woke up. Tired… wanting to just stay in bed, but work awaited. Got to my office, ate an Egg McMuffin on the way (the ONLY thing I will eat from that place), took my EHT and within 20 minutes my energy levels were normal. I didn’t suffer from those hangover type symptoms usually associated with little sleep. It was amazing. I also got in organization mode. Began preparing my office for archive of our 2014 files (usually done in March but I’ve been slacking). Overall felt very good and had a great day!

Thursday …Work was very productive today. I even had receptionist duty for an hour and still got more done that I had on my to-do list. My brain is functioning better and better every day. I feel incredibly blessed. Plus I get energy without that caffeinated, jittery feeling and biggest plus… NO CRASH! I got some well deserved and needed relaxation. I watched a movie and went to bed at a decent hour. I woke up on Friday morning feeling refreshed but a little tired… until I took my EHT

More later… and as usual Live Happy!


Day 38

Last night was a late one for me. Stayed at a friends house catching up until 11:30 PM! My alarm is set for 5:45 AM! Well wouldn’t you know it… INSOMNIA! It happens a few times a year. I finally fell asleep at 2:30 AM and turned off my alarm. My circadian clock went off at 6:30 and I was up and ready to go to work. I even made it on time despite getting out of bed 30 minutes late.
Today I got to my office, ate an avocado, took my EHT and within 30-40 minutes I realized I wasn’t as tired as I should be. I Can still think, work and function. Before EHT I would have been dragging and lagging!
Thank you Nerium/Signum/Dr.Stock for EHT

Any questions yet?

Day 18-37

I am so sorry that I have been absent for so long. It’s been a challenge dealing with the h pylori. I am back to work.. finally after taking some time off. It feels good to use my brain again. Even though my brain felt like it wanted to work… all it was doing was watching TV and sleeping.
Back to work last week and I can tell you this… I am clear and able to focus. I completed a difficult task of issuing 68 Preliminary Notices. Not that they are difficult but they are tedious and time consuming. I often have to do 5-6 a week & can do that quickly. This time weeks and weeks of them had piled up. I whittled it down quickly and finished in a day and a half. That felt good.
My sleeping habits for the most part have been better. Still waking up in the middle of the night but not remember it. I just see that I was awake on my iPhone ap.
Very excited about some changes in my tired level. My body is still tired, but my brain is more awake than it has been in a long time. I can stay on task easier and remember items at the grocery store without a list (yes it’s happened a few times that I forgot my list but didn’t forget anything written on it.)
I can’t wait to hear what you think when you have a chance to try it. I went to Nerium U last night and heard stories from different people, different ages, different sexes with different results. It is so amazing to be a part of this unbelievable opportunity. Only 23 days until it’s available to all of the United States! IF you have questions on EHT or any of the Nerium products, please contact me.
909-393-0482 home
951-505-4055 cell

Have a fantastic Tuesday and… get your EHT on!

Day 17

Hi Everyone!

So this morning I woke up FAMISHED! First time since I got sick that I was hungry! Yippie.  Can’t say it has anything to do with EHT or not. Funny thing is I read in a Nerium site that other people are experiencing the exact opposite, getting full quicker, etc.  Who knows! All I know is I can feel my faculties coming back. It’s slower than I wanted but hey… 17 days in and I can honestly say that my memory is clearer. It’s weird how thoughts are coming faster, things are clearer, my memories less vague and definitely retrieving the information faster!  I even told my oncologist about it.  I honestly hope this can help more people with cognitive issues return their brain to optimal health. I know I have damaged neurons, damaged “brain paths” and lots of “broken” stuff in my brain! It’s “Princeton’s Best Shot” at brain health and I feel so blessed to be on this ride. Thanks to Dr. Jeffry Stock and Signum BioSciences for giving me this opportunity. I honestly believed I would never be able to go back to school to be a nurse because of all the damage. Now… I am beginning to see the possibility!

You need to try this for your self!


Day 9-16 Take 2

Sorry I’ve been blog absent recently.  Had a crazy schedule with work, sleep & taking care of my family.

Day 9- Slept better than I have in a long time.  My sleep recorder showing that I didnt wake up at 2:00 a.m., which has been typical since I was diagnosed with CRPS.  I also felt rested when I got up. Beginning to have some feelings of more rapid memory recall. I am remembering more things that my kids, boss and co-workers ask me about. Ever since I was diagnosed with CRPS my memory has been AWFUL! I have spots that I can’t remember, I take longer to recall simple information like what time my kids were born, how old they walked, talked, etc for the first time. Now I am beginning to see that recall faster.

Day 10 – feeling a little tired today, back to my horrible wake-up schedule at 2:00 a.m.  Nothing new to report, although I am starting to feel a little more hungry more often.  Is that the h plyori healing or the EHT I am unsure.  I am just thankful that I am hungry at times!

Day 11 – Although my sleep monitor says I woke up briefly at 1:00 a.m. I have no memory of it. Woke up well rested today before my alarm at approximately 5:40 a.m.  That feels fantastic as my body has been wanting/needing to sleep in for a very long time. I am over that! I want to be up and at ’em first thing in the morning.  It is very exciting when I wake up ready to hit the ground running. Hope this continues.

Day 12 – Friday night’s sleep was awful. Couldn’t stay asleep. Vivid dreams awakened me. Weird! I normally have a lot of intense dreams, but these ones are VIVID! color saturation completely different. But… I am having some very odd sensations in my CRPS arm. I feel some electrical impluses being less painful. There is less coldness in my lower arm and hand. Maybe just a low pain day!

Day 13 – Stayed asleep all night! Felt refreshed when I woke up. NICE!!! Arm is still having weird electrical impulses.  Going to take it easy and use heat therapy later. See if I can get my CRPS limb to chill out.

Day 14 – Still waking up at 2:00 a.m. but not having any memory of doing so. It used to take me at least an hour to go back to sleep, but now I am apparently going right back to sleep. Feeling good. Going to attempt some housework and have friends over for dinner.

Day 15 – Was able to clean my kitchen and livingroom without becoming overwhelmed and exhausted! YEAH! Even made dinner and had house guests. SHH I even indulged with a glass of wine. Slept well last night. Woke up at 6:00 a.m., would have loved to sleep in, but I think my circadian rhythm has control of that. Did rest a bit in bed before getting up to clean.  Have this “nesting” urge lately. Wanting to clean shelves, clean out closet… now if only I had all that extra energy my friends are experiencing. Then again if I was able to eat enough then I probably would!

Day 16 – Slept well with the exception of the 2 a.m wake up call of nature! Was able to fall back to sleep within 30 minutes! Did go to work today and felt good. Came home to rest and actually did fall asleep! Dr. ordered daily naps! LOL. Made dinner for my family and still had enough umph to clean my kitchen afterward! I am loving my EHT!

More to come… promise to keep you updated!

Day 8 – Take 2

Good morning! Well last night I ate a decent amount of food, which is great. (2 shrimp, 3 small scallops & salad) I was actually a little hungry. Is that EHT or just my body getting better, I am not sure.
I slept very well last night. I am still very tired in the morning, but that may be due to the other medications the doctor has me on. One thing I have noticed is that once I am “awake” I am feeling more alert. My brain is processing information faster than it had in previous weeks. Still excited about the long-term effects of EHT on my brain, but for now I will just celebrate the minor victories against brain fog!

Chat with you again tomorrow!

Day 7 – Take 2

ohmigosh! Ok, so if you’ve been reading my blog you know that I am suffering from ulcers caused by H Pylori. I haven’t been able to eat much in the past month. Have lost about 18 lbs and feel horrible from lack of nutrition. Well I finally was able to keep food down & went back on EHT yesterday. Yep just YESTERDAY… and last night I slept amazingly well. Granted it as 10 hours but I woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. Despite still being “starved” (I am only eating less than 800 calories a day) I am alert and my brain function feels “normal”. Is this a placebo or the real deal? Taking it one day at a time & will gladly post any new reduction in symptoms, ability to think, sleep .. or whatever. I even promise to tell you if I feel any negative side effects.

So today I can tell you, my brain is clearer than it has been. Last night I slept better than I have in weeks. Today I was hungry for the first time in a long while.

See you tomorrow.