Day 117-124

I really need to find the time to update this blog more often! I feel like I am not only letting myself down but my readers as well.
So new developments…
In the past 2 weeks I have been dealing with some other “pain issues” not associated with CRPS. I acquired Tennis Elbow. My doctor thinks its because I didn’t use my arm for 2.5 years. It’s hard when you feel better not to ease into using it! I was super excited, I must have strained the tendon. Yesterday, I finally gave in and went to see my Primary Care doctor. He gave me a shot of cortisone in the elbow. OUCHIE!!! But it is already starting to feel better and I have better movement.

I did have some trouble falling asleep this week due to the elbow pain, but once I fell asleep, I was able to stay in deep sleep. It still amazes me every time I wake up and the night has passed without waking up for 2-3 hours. I still shake my head and wonder if I really slept through the night or if I don’t remember it. Well I check my Sleep Cycle on my phone and it shows a peaceful and restful full night’s sleep. Every day I wake up feeling better than the day before.

On Sunday night I went to a concert and was out very late. I think i finally fell asleep at 2 am and still woke up at 6:00 a.m. without an alarm clock & felt ready to go. I drove 2 hours from San Diego to my office, put in a full days’ work, helped my daughter with her homework, made dinner and went to bed early. That night I slept very deeply and woke up even more refreshed yesterday.

Without EHT I have suffered from periodic insomnia for as long as I can remember, then nightly since I broke my arm and got CRPS. Now… I sleep so well. No groggy, sleeping-pill induced fog to wake up to, just normal, I feel better… got a good nights’ rest, woke up when my body wanted to GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP!

This one little SUPPLEMENT has changed my life. are you ready to see if it could help you sleep better? remember things quicker? have better recall? rebound quicker from your work outs? I swear by this stuff.

Please make your own decision. 30-day money back guarantee applies!!!

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Hope to talk to you soon,
Brandie 951-505-4055

Day 102-116

Holy cow… time sure flies by when you’re having fun.

I went to Dallas for the Nerium convention 9/9-9/13. It was amazing. We got to hear Dr. Daniel Amen (Amen Clinics – talk about the brain and aging and damage to the structures of the brain. He’s on EHT!!! And he’s seeing a difference. This stuff works.. even on his overused, wonderfully powerful brain! You can read Dr. Amen’s info on the website above.

I am still pain free… feeling so much better. I even fell while I was in Dallas, dealt with major heat & humidity, flights, people bumping me, crowds, and dancing and still… no pain! Plus… I was living on little sleep, but felt well… wonderful!! This stuff has been my life saver.

I highly urge you to try it…. just 90 days. A simple investment in your future.

I will write more later. Pressed for time again!


Day 94-101

Hi and welcome back!

WARNING… POOP talk below (just doggie lol)

This week flew by like a lightning bolt!
What craziness. I have been puppy sitting for the last month and as much as I love them they are monsters! 2 French Bulldogs poop more than St. Bernards! (and bigger too) it’s absolute insanity.
My arm hasn’t hurt for months, and this past weekend, I cleaned up my concrete (they prefer to poop there more than the grass) Needless to say I spent 3 hours, sweeping, scrubbing & bleaching my concrete, only to wake up on Monday morning to 9.. yes 9 new piles. And… pain in my elbow. It feels like tennis elbow. Hopefully just sore and not CRPS related. I am doubling up on my EHT this week & taking some muscle relaxers to help.
I leave for Dallas in the morning. I am absolutely excited beyond belief! I get to share my story with so many people. Can you imagine 22000 happy people descending on Dallas at once? That’s whats going to happen.

If you live in or near Dallas and want to join us Saturday night at the Convention Center for an amazing WHITE PARTY with dancing, live music & fun.. plus meet me, please text me at 951-505-4055.

The rest of the week was pain free (lower than level 3 for me) and I slept incredibly well. Went to Palm Springs on Saturday night. Swam in another COLD pool, walked the “strip” for a few hours, enjoyed the warm summer weather. It was a well needed rest before my week without sleep.

I will try to update as I can from afar!

PS Please read the photos of testimonies I’ve added

Day 87-93


Well this week has been a whirlwind! Crazy last minute, get ready for school to start, buy school shoes, pens, pencils, binders, all a ton of other things for the first day of 6th grade for my youngest.  WOW it happens so fast. I blinked and she’s 11.  No longer my little baby girl.  And this morning… She started taking EHT.  I hope it helps her with concentration as much as it has helped me. Maybe she will stop waking up in the middle of the night. She tends to wake up about 3 and fall back to sleep at 5, just in time for me to wake her at 6.  She’s ready and out the door by 7 every morning, summer or school year, as I am still a working Single Mom.  We shall see if she’s more alert in the morning and what her sleeping habits become. I am uber excited at the possibilities for her this coming year.  I have read so many wonderful examples (and as soon as I learn to attach images or other stories to this blog I will be – and my friend will be adding his 2 cents on how EHT has effected him in a couple days.) of how EHT has changed lives. Everything from focus, to sleep, muscle aches after workouts, to reducing medications or getting off them altogether, better sleep, feeling less tired (all without caffeine)… there are so many stories that bring tears to  my eyes! Soon you will be able to read those too! ((Might even try today))

ok… so onto another MAJOR change I have seen and not even acknowledged. I have been cold blooded my entire life. Suffering from low blood pressure (95/60) most of my adulthood.  I would ALWAYS have a jacket with me, and would be freezing if it was 80 degrees outside and I was in the shade or with a slight breeze.  Once I was diagnosed with CRPS, any AIR MOVEMENT would send me into tears. I couldn’t handle the air conditioning on (And I work for an AC company.. how ironic), I couldn’t be outside in the wind or even a slight breeze, shopping was awful (the stores always so cold), ERs and hospitals were the death of me. Not only would my arm ache but would turn blue and my body would shiver.  I kept my room above 85 degrees year round.

well at dinner last night, my daughter, who is notoriously HOT BLOODED like her dad was complaining that it was “cold” in Applebees while we were eating dinner. I was in nothing more than a short sleeve top and a knee length skirt.  No sweater, no jacket, no shrug nor pashmina… nothing! No sleeves…. and NO PAIN! I walked out of the restaurant into the 75 degree evening with not a care in the world. This hasn’t happened since I was a child. No exaggeration. I couldn’t handle any cool weather. I am in shock. I am blessed beyond belief. Oh and my BP is 120/70. Doctor is very happy with me!

Updates coming soon…