Day 48-54

Well… this week went by way too fast! I wish I had more time to tell you all the exciting things I am noticing about EHT!

Sleep Habits…

48 – 93% 11-7:30

49 – 93%  1-8:30

50 – 94% 10-6:15

51 – 70% 9-6:15 (daughter had nightmares and slept with me)

52 – 75 % 11-6 (daughter had nightmares and slept with me)

53 – 77% 9:45-6:15

54 – 93% 10:15 – 6;15

*Despite 3 nights of bad sleep, I was still awake when I woke up and didn’t require coffee. Admittedly I did have coffee on Wednesday, just because it smelt soo good.  Last night I went to the jacuzzi for a few hours… man that helped my sleep to.

I find that within 15-20 minutes of taking my EHT, my alertness is better, my energy stores restored and I can tackle the day. One thing I have noticed is my mood… I seem to be well… less moody. I am usually happy but things tend to irritate me (having OCD isn’t all fun and games). I’ve found that I am not as upset about dishes being found in the kids rooms, or laundry being on the floor. It used to bother me to no end. I wouldn’t necessarily say anything, but inside I was fuming! I have also found my “voice”. I am a peacemaker at heart. I usually avoid confrontation. I keep advice to myself but lately I have found that allowing others to hear some much needed words of advice or encouragement has really helped them in areas of their own lives.

I still can’t believe that I am waking less at night… and even when I do, I often don’t watch 1-2 hours of TV waiting to fall back to sleep. It’s so calming. I fall asleep faster and feel like I have slept harder than I have in decades. And today… marks…, 49 days without a major CRPS flare. Unfreekingbelievable! I am flabbergasted. After 2 years of daily flares and the past 14 months having a minimum of 3 major flares a week… well let’s just say I am astonished! Is this EHT? IS this a remission? Who knows… I may never know because as long as EHT is on the market and I can get it… I will! The cost is worth all the other things alone!

I started working out last week. Doing yoga. The “recovery time” isn’t what it used to be. I used to hurt for a week the first few times I got back to yoga. This time… it was only a day. Then I was able to do yoga again the next morning. None of the usual intense pain and stiffness from over using un-used muscles. I’ve heard EHT had “sports” benefits… and I can tell you first hand, my work out recovery is completely different.

Just try it for yourself. IF you’ve tried EHT, I would love to hear your experiences! Please email something for this blog to and I will be sure to include it in my next posting.

Until Next Time…


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