Day 39-40

I was too busy yesterday to update.
Tuesday night I had a great time hanging out with a very old friend until 11:30 PM. And Wednesday night… I went to see another friend because my daughter had a sleep over and I didn’t have to take care of her. ­čÖé ┬áSometimes adult time is necessary! I know that doesn’t sound bad until you know my alarm goes of at 5:45 AM. This should have caused me major sleep deprivation and exhaustion the next day. 2 nights with little sleep… Believe me I FELT it when I woke up. Tired… wanting to just stay in bed, but work awaited. Got to my office, ate an Egg McMuffin on the way (the ONLY thing I will eat from that place), took my EHT and within 20 minutes my energy levels were normal. I didn’t suffer from those hangover type symptoms usually associated with little sleep. It was amazing. I also got in organization mode. Began preparing my office for archive of our 2014 files (usually done in March but I’ve been slacking). Overall felt very good and had a great day!

Thursday …Work was very productive today. I even had receptionist duty for an hour and still got more done that I had on my to-do list. My brain is functioning better and better every day. I feel incredibly blessed. Plus I get energy without that caffeinated, jittery feeling and biggest plus… NO CRASH! I got some well deserved and needed relaxation. I watched a movie and went to bed at a decent hour. I woke up on Friday morning feeling refreshed but a little tired… until I took my EHT

More later… and as usual Live Happy!