Day 17

Hi Everyone!

So this morning I woke up FAMISHED! First time since I got sick that I was hungry! Yippie.  Can’t say it has anything to do with EHT or not. Funny thing is I read in a Nerium site that other people are experiencing the exact opposite, getting full quicker, etc.  Who knows! All I know is I can feel my faculties coming back. It’s slower than I wanted but hey… 17 days in and I can honestly say that my memory is clearer. It’s weird how thoughts are coming faster, things are clearer, my memories less vague and definitely retrieving the information faster!  I even told my oncologist about it.  I honestly hope this can help more people with cognitive issues return their brain to optimal health. I know I have damaged neurons, damaged “brain paths” and lots of “broken” stuff in my brain! It’s “Princeton’s Best Shot” at brain health and I feel so blessed to be on this ride. Thanks to Dr. Jeffry Stock and Signum BioSciences for giving me this opportunity. I honestly believed I would never be able to go back to school to be a nurse because of all the damage. Now… I am beginning to see the possibility!

You need to try this for your self!