Day 3

Well day 3 is in the books.  I am still sick (doctor says could be as long as 4 weeks before I start feeling better).  However… my brain is clearer. I know that’s weird, right?  I think I am close to 500 calories a day  now and was really concerned about the damage to my brain due to undernourishment. I took my EHT with lunch (1/2 an avocado) and had a good 90 minute nap. I felt better when I woke up. Actually, I didn’t feel tired again, which is a huge difference.  I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up a few times in the night. I still feel mentally alert, and not as foggy as I have in the past and especially in the last 3 weeks.  For the last couple of weeks, I have come home from work, made a make-shift dinner for my daughter, and slept on the couch until I realized at 8, I wasn’t any better on the couch than I would be in bed. It’s been breaking my heart not to spend the time with my daughter. To not cook dinner with her, nor eat with her.  Last night was the first time in weeks that we watched TV together.

Off to take EHT day 4!

Remember… spread the word! I would love to share my experience with tons of people.

DAY 1-2

Well I received my EHT on May 19th (the day before my Mom’s birthday) and immediately took my first dose. Nothing exciting to report on day 1 or 2. I am currently suffering with a horrible case of H Pylori bacteria, so I am not sure how EHT will combat being unable to eat, drink or sleep well, but I made a commitment to share and that’s what I am going to do! It’s bedtime, so I will say goodnight.

Looking forward to sharing with you all my experiences with EHT

Pre-EHT — Getting to know me

Hi Everyone,

This is my first attempt at a blog, so please accept my preemptive apology!  Thanks.

So… who am I?  I am a single Mom of 3 (boys 34 & 21 and girl 11) and have 2 step-kids that I love dearly (girl 19 & boy 14). I work full-time as a commercial project coordinator. It’s an interesting job for sure. One I would have never saw myself in. I wanted (still want) to be a nurse.  I would love to work in the pediatric oncology dept.  My degree is in Psychology, which I don’t use but tells you the type of person I am.

Where did my struggles with memory, sleep and other issues begin?  In 2003, while pregnant with my daughter, I was diagnosed with HG Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  It’s morning sickness on steroids. It was awful. I couldn’t keep water down, nor eat for most of my pregnancy. I eventually had to get IV’s and “banana bags” (vitamin IV’s) too many times to count. I was sick for the entire pregnancy.  In my 2nd trimester, due to being high risk, my doctor did a PAP.  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer… yes while pregnant. It was scary, it was awful… the worst part was I made the decision to keep this to myself. I don’t want to go into my reasoning as it really has nothing to do with my brain fog!

After my daughter was born and I had healed from childbirth, I began having surgeries to remove the cancer. Every time we thought we had gone far enough… the test came back positive that the cancer had breached the margins.  It was awful. I was still sick, taking care of my 3 children and 2 step-children, wondering if this cancer would take me or if I would win.  Finally after 13 months they did chemo (love chemo brain, can you relate?), radiation and more surgeries.  I was devastated, sick and still doing this all alone, which only added to my stress, and sickness.  In 2009 I was finally cancer free! YEAH! Or at least I thought.

In 2006, I started my job, which is both stressful and fun! Working full time, trying to get my body, brain and life back wasn’t easy.  Luckily I got to develop the job I have. It is unrecognizable from the training I received from the temporary accountant pretending to be project coordinator.  There were many days in the beginning when recalling info was impossible, but I made it through.

After a divorce in 2011, I bought my first house! What excitement…. until a few months later, my doctor says, “you’ve tested positive again for cancer cells”. At this time I was being tested every 3 months, almost transitioning to every 6 months.  One more round of chemo… eradicated? Maybe… still testing negative.

Fast forward to 2013. I fell, broke my radius & fractured my lunate & scaphoid (bones in the pad of my hand).  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a normal situation.  I was diagnosed 5 months later by Dr. Watkins at Loma Linda University Hospital with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS.  I had never heard of it. I had no idea the devastation it would have in my normal life. My arm swells, get really COLD like a frozen metal rod is incerted in my arm, or sometimes a hot coal is under the skin on the palm of my hand, it is weird. It is awful. It make sleep difficult, the medications are horrible. Gabapentin (anti-seizure medication), many muscle relaxers & pain killers, anti-depressants, stellate ganglion blocks, counseling, physical therapy… all these have added to my brain fog. If you know someone in chronic pain, then brain fog, memory loss, difficulty recalling even the simple information isn’t something new to you. I’ve been dealing with this for almost 2 years. I’ve had enough. The Stellate Ganglion blocks helped some, but they cost me $1000 for a set of 3 and offer a host of other possible side effects.

So… Nerium announced it’s partnership with Signum BioSciences and that we have exclusive rights to EHT.  EHT is a brain health supplement. I can’t wait to share my results. I will be blogging at least a few days a week, but I hope daily on anything that I feel, about my sleep patterns (I have an AP on my phone called Sleep Cycle), if the brain fog lifts, if I can recall information I’ve read quicker, etc. I am so excited about this journey!

Hope you enjoy reading this. Ask any questions you would like! I am an open book!

Cheers to Dr. Jeffry Stock, Signum BioSciences & Nerium for giving me EHT… and potential for optimal brain health.

Nice to meet you,